White Witch
White Witch
White Witch

White Witch

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100% Silk Crepe de Chine
24.5” X 24.5”

The white witch moth (Thysania agrippina) earned its name through its uncanny ability to evade capture by early naturalists, who likened it to a ghostly winged spirit—a witch.

The white witch moth has maintained its aura of secrecy throughout the years. While this Central and South American moth has the largest wingspan of any moth in the world, scientists know little else about this elusive creature. In fact, they have never observed this moth’s egg, pupa or caterpillar forms. No information is known about the plants that this moth prefers; the lifespan and habits of this moth are a featureless mystery.

Faced with this enigma, scientists have turned to the black witch moth, a sister species, for answers. Driven in part by the mystery of the white witch moth, the life cycle of the black witch moth has been well-documented. This moth is nocturnal and migrates thousands of miles north every year, a migration that is thought to be triggered by Mexico’s rainy season, hence the fields of stars and raindrops in the center background of the scarf. As a caterpillar, the black witch moth enjoys eating acacia flowers, and it is preyed upon by the purple martin bird. These elements are present around the border of the scarf.

Despite the decades of research and interest, and despite the meticulously documented life of her sister species, the moth with the greatest wingspan in the world has remained an inscrutable mystery.


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