Noctua - Peril's Bouquet, 36X36" Silk Twill Scarf, Carnivorous Plants, Green and Peach
Noctua - Peril's Bouquet, female model wearing carnivorous plants silk twill scarf
Noctua - Peril's Bouquet details, Carnivorous Plants in Victorian England, Green and Peach

Peril's Bouquet

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100% Silk Twill
36" X 36"

In Victorian England, natural history was immensely popular and many people took an interest in the study of flora and fauna.  Amid this enthusiasm, Charles Darwin researched and wrote about the natural world.  One of his lesser-known books was called Insectivorous Plants.  Published in 1875, this book was one of the first in-depth studies on the intricacies of carnivorous plants.  Scientists now classify carnivorous plants according to five main types of feeding mechanisms: pitfall traps, flypaper traps, snap traps, bladder traps, and lobster-pot traps.  
The mania for natural history wasn't merely expressed in studies and books; it permeated Victorian life, spreading so far as to interior decorating.  William Morris was a popular British designer known for his intricate floral wallpapers.  This scarf’s background reflects Morris’ style, featuring details from the carnivorous plants and from the ornate bindings of the London and New York printings of Darwin's book.
Carnivorous plants are now found across the globe, and may be aerial, terrestrial, or aquatic.  They remain the subject of intense interest and study, fascinating for their duality of danger and beauty.



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