Noctua - Offerings to Bastet, 36X36" Egyptian inspired Silk Twill Scarf, Red and Gold
Noctua - Offerings to Bastet, female model wearing silk twill scarf, inspired by Egyptian Goddess
Noctua - Offerings to Bastet details, Inspired by Egyptian Goddess, Red and Gold

Offerings to Bastet

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100% Silk Twill
36" X 36"

The role of Bastet, the ancient Egyptian goddess, has transformed throughout her centuries of existence.  Originally a warrior, she turned into an important figure of protection.  Similarly, her representation transformed from a woman with the head of a lioness to one with the head of a domestic cat.  Cats were considered to be Bastet’s sacred animal, and were mummified as offerings to the goddess. 
Bastet is often portrayed holding a sistrum (sacred rattle) in one hand and an aegis (collar-like necklace) in the other.  A red or golden disk behind her head signifies her connection with the eye of Ra; many goddesses made up the eye of Ra, which was seen as an extension of  the sun god Ra’s power.  She was revered in both Upper and Lower Egypt, which are represented, respectively, by the lotus and papyrus plants.  People traveled from far and wide to attend the yearly festival that celebrated Bastet, who has been beloved throughout the ages as both warrior and protector. 


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