Impending Storm
Impending Storm
Impending Storm

Impending Storm

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Cashmere and Modal Blend (10% cashmere 90% modal)
55” X 55”

For hundreds of years, humans relied on a device called a barometer to predict the weather. Barometers measure air pressure, which varies tremendously around the globe and changes dramatically over time in any one location. By monitoring how the air pressure is changing in a specific location, it is possible to understand the coming weather. When the air pressure is falling quickly, a storm is approaching.

Unlike humans, cats don’t need to use barometers to predict the weather; their inner ears are so sensitive that they can detect the pressure changes and can foresee the coming weather themselves.

Cats have another unique ability; their purring has been shown to improve healing. Cats purr at a frequency between 27 and 44 hertz, and scientists believe that this frequency of sound waves both strengthens bones and helps the bones to regrow in cats and humans alike. A soundwave of this purr stretches out in the background of the scarf, providing a comfortable rumble to compliment the impending storm.

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