Noctua - Cascading Rivers, 36X36" Silk Twill Scarf, Green and Blue
Noctua - Cascading Rivers, female model wearing silk twill scarf
Noctua - Cascading Rivers details, Snoqualmie, Washington, blue and green

Cascading Rivers

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100% Silk Twill
36" X 36"

 In 1850, Jeremiah Borst headed west across America in search of adventure.  After successfully seeking gold in California, he turned his attention north and set out for Seattle.  Just before reaching his destination, however, he came upon the Snoqualmie Valley and was struck by its beauty.  He decided to make his home there, becoming the valley’s first permanent European settler.  
Borst had an unusual reputation: he was known for being especially kind, honest and trusting.  He was a strong center of support for other settlers coming to the valley, and he had very positive relations with the local Native Americans.  
The topographic map here shows the Snoqualmie Valley, with several key elements highlighted.  Fort Alden, Borst's first cabin, is included, as is Borst's tombstone where it can still be found in the Fall City Cemetery.  The Snoqualmie river, with its submerged rocks and swirling eddies, provides the backdrop for the scarf.  Next to Borst's tombstone is an excerpt from his obituary, written by his friend William H. Taylor:
"Jerry Borst was a kindly, gentle, honest man, always helping those who needed help. I do not know what the early settlers would have done without him. They all looked to Jerry for everything."



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